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Simon Cowell: ‘I’m proud of Leona Lewis’

Simon Cowell has admitted that Leona Lewis is the artist he is most proud of launching.

The Hackney-born singer won the third series of The X Factor in 2006 and has gone on to top the charts globally. Speaking Buzznet, Cowell praised Lewis as “the reason” he continues to be involved in the talent search.

“When I first met her, she auditioned on the X Factor,” he said of the ‘Happy’ star. “She was very shy and didn’t believe in herself and then turned into this fantastic artist by the end.”

He added: “So I guess [I’m proud of] Leona, because she’s the reason why we do these shows.”

Asked what the phrase ‘X Factor’ means to him, Cowell explained: “It was something we’ve always used for years in the music business, which is: it’s very difficult to write down in words what makes somebody special. But when they walk in the room it could be presence, it could be their voice, it could be the effect they have on other people.

“I guess Justin Bieber’s a good example of someone who has the ‘X Factor.’ But you recognise it when you meet him or you see him perform, and like I said, he has that incredible effect on his fans. That means he has it. And I’ve seen other people his age look almost identical to him who haven’t got it. It comes from within, I think.”

Auditions for The X Factor USA continue at the Prudential Centre in Newark today, before moving on to the Key Arena in Seattle on April 20, the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago on April 27, and the Dallas Convention Centre in Dallas on May 26.

Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Leona Lewis vents anger over split with boyfriend in new album

Leona Lewis is going all out for ­revenge by making her third album a venomous ode to ex-boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa.

I’m told the 2006 X Factor winner has been venting her anger over their split last August in some strong lyrics.

My source says: “Leona was with Lou for over ten years and things ended very badly.

“But what you live through makes you stronger, and Leona’s throwing all her emotion into the music she’s working on. She means business. This album needs to be daring and innovative.”

The star – who became an overnight household name after the release of her debut album Spirit – has co-penned a track called Trouble with ­songwriter Emeli Sande, and it seems all too ­evident that the song is about moving on from Lou.

The lyrics say: “You drink more than you used to, fell in love how could you?

“Trust your heart like only fools do, hold on let it bleed.

“You smoked 10 now it’s 20, bet you wish you’d never met me.”To stick around you must be crazy, hold on let it bleed.

“I told you never to get used to me, I stay awake while you fall asleep.

“I’m a whole lot of trouble, we’re in a whole lot of trouble.

“You shout louder than you used to, and you hold on tighter in the ­bedroom.”

Music manager Lou has strong of words of his own. He tweeted last week: “Tired of being walked over… Same s**t has been going on now for over seven months. Silence is no longer golden.”

Ooooh, cryptic! But let’s face it, anger equals ­success in the charts nowadays. Most recently, Adele’s ­album – which was written after she was ditched by her boyfriend ­– has been a huge hit around the globe, reaching sales of two million in the UK alone.

It’s clear Leona’s latest album will be very different. As well as a collaboration with Ibiza dance king David Guetta and ­Beyonce’s former maestro Rico Love, she’s been working on a track called Mountains with former Blazin’ Squad members Flava (James Murray) and Mus (Mustafa Omer). How funny is that?

One person taking no chances on making the album a runaway success is label boss Simon Cowell. He’s already planning to give Miss Lewis a huge push, booking her to perform on the US version of X Factor ahead of Christmas.

Source: mirror.co.uk